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Enrollment Process


If your intensive is being held online: 
Your advisor will set up an account on for you. 
Please complete your profile required fields, or you will be unable to login to the Conference Room for your Intensive Session nor for your Follow-up Support Group.

ENROLLMENT PROCESS - Online Support Group 
  1. After you are Registered, and Confirm your Account - Login
  2. Select the Support Group you want to enroll in.


ENROLLMENT PROCESS - 30-Day Support Group Follow up
  1. If you have not received an invitation to join your 30-day support group, send a message to your advisor.
  2. You will only be able to access and view the group your Advisor has activated for you.
Support Group Confirmation

Support Groups have a listing in the Global Support Group Directroy
You will have the opportunity to interact with various groups before you are confirmed as a group member.


If you have pre-purchased the Intensive through an Online Deal, or received a voucher from a National Health and Research Institution (NHRI) program:
  1. After you are Registered by an Advisor and Confirm your Log-in Account, Log-in.
  2. Select the Courses you want to enroll in >
  3. Go to the bottom of the page.
    In the Request Enrollment field enter your Coupon Number or Voucher Number, also enter: The date you wish to begin your Course  Session (i.e. 01/05/2015), and the Online Session Time you wish to attend. You will be added to the course, and a message will be forwarded to the email address you registered when you set up your account. Please Allow up to 48 hours -- Contact the Registrar if you do not receive email notification.


Online Support Services

Online Support Services include:

  • Open Access to the Global Learning and Presentation Center
    • Guest Speaker Access Free Events (Fee based events are Extra)
  • Spiritual Counseling Providers (No additional cost)
  • Access to Certified Weight Loss Specialists
  • 24/7 Access to Online Tools
    (NutriPhit System and Meals Extra)

Group Selection Process

Support Group Selection Process

You can select an online support group or a Guided Support Group.

Online Support groups meet online and have Control Key Certified Group Leaders who provide Weight Loss Support Counseling Services and team motivation, and ensure you are accountable for the goals you have set in the Group Goal Accountability and Tracking Database. Once you reach you goal and have maintained you weight for six months, you can request alumni or mentor status and are eligible for Control Key Leadership Training and Certification.

Support Group Leaders may also recommend, or you may request Spiritual Counseling Services, which are provided at no additional cost with your Guided Support Group membership.

Guided meeting groups are instructor lead until the group has graduated.
Guided groups are localized, meet in person, and are supported online.
Guided groups follow the schedule setup by the CK Leader, which must be confirmed by each member of the group.


  • The time and place for Daily Exercise
  • The Week's Activities Schedule
  • Various Sunday Brunch Locations and Times

Graduated Groups have met the weight loss group goal for all members.

CK Life Style Process


The Consultation determines your level of consciousness based on your Conscious Level Assessment Score (CLAS), evaluates your nutritional habits (NutriPhit), and physical and environmental factors to help you determine the right plan for your success.

Upon completion of the consultation you will have a targeted action plan for success.

Control Key Membership is not required.

Life Core Consultations are provided at your local Control Key Center or Online
Your online privacy is guaranteed and protected under first amendment rights, view or Privacy and Rights Policy

Consultations can be conducted before or after your Intensive.

In Person and Live Online Consultations
By Appointment Only - Make an Appointment Today
After the consultation we will only suggest services we believe will benefit you.
You should feel no obligation to subscribe to Control Key services. We are here to help you succeed when and if you need us.



Intensives Include  **30 Days of Online Support
High energy impact motivation and all the training you will need for natural permanent weight loss and life success.

step3Guided Private or Group Support 

We are with you every step of the way and will pair you with a Guidance Specialist
You will have access to daily online Group Weight Loss Support Sessions and Tools, and an Alumni Network.
View Guided Private Group Details and Cost


Group Support Online


The Intensive Session is one day, but you can keep up that high energy, in person motivation, with a weekly or monthly pass for motivational sessions and support to help keep you on target.

After your Intensive and 30-Day Support Session, you will be linked with a CK Group that fits your schedule.
You meet with your Control Key Specialist online either in a group setting or privately. All sessions are under protection of AdvanCN's Privacy Rights.

You should work with your Specialist until you feel you are able to comprehend and incorporate all the knowledge you have learned in the Intensive on your own.


Alumni Groups
Once you and your group accomplishes your weight loss goals, you will be designated an Alumni Network. Fellow graduates will be accountable to and aid each other. And are responsible for ensuring all members live up to their pursuit of personal excellence.

** Discounted or Deal Value Clients please note:
Due to severe discounts for your Deal Value, we are not able to offer full 30-day Support Services with a Live Intensive Director, however, you will be granted access to online materials.

If you would like to receive 30-days of follow-up support with an Intensive Director, purchase this option at the following link: (30 Day Live Online Support).

Program Description

Control Key - Life Style


...You are the Control Key 

live support help2


Being overweight is the result of Over Eating, Poor Nutritional Habits, Lack of Knowledge,
the disassociation of Cause and Effect, and
a Self Destructive Inner Spirit

  • You will Learn the True Reason you are overweight and why you allow destructive actions to affect your life.
  • You will Learn Mental Focus Techniques to Counter Temptation
  • You will Learn to Reinforce your Soul to Conquer your challenges
  • You will Learn how to Detect and Remove the Counterfeit Spirit that causes Destructive Behavior
  • You will Learn True Self Love and Self Acceptance
  • You will Learn Nutrition, Physical Fitness, and Counter-Trigger Techniques that Work

Intensive Course Sessions begin when you're ready. Join Anytime.

Your weight loss and life achievement have everything to do with your Conscious Level. 
Your Conscious Level determines how you interact with the world around you.  

Whether you are still thinking about losing weight and changing your life, or you have made the decision to lose weight, your long term weight loss success will depend on your Conscious Level and your understanding of Natural Law (Science/God's Divine Laws).

Selecting what is right, that which yields positive effects, is the act of making a decision not only to lose weight, but to ally yourself with our creator.

Spiritual healing, cleansing of the body, altering how the mind and soul stimulate the body, and conversely, how the body stimulates the mind and soul, to act and produce effects are fundamental to weight loss and life achievement. 

Learning the truth about your motivations, why you have settled for a body and life you do not desire, external stimuli, and why you yield to destructive influences is essential to changing your body and your life, and healing your soul.




Learn the Techniques for Permanent Weight Loss

"...Right Mind, Right Knowledge, Right Actions, Right Results..."


Life Core ™ Intensive

In Person or Online Options:

  • Intensive Session
  • 30-Day Support and Access Key Card to Online Training Material
    Live Instructor connection portal included


  • Join anytime - Revolving Course Curriculum - Every Four (4) Weeks

Life Core
Course Outline



The techniques for Natural Permanent Weight Loss: 

Philosophical techniques and concepts that help to guide you to inner peace and motivate your beliefs so you will succeed in accomplishing your dreams and fullfill your potential.

Natural physical fitness and physical focus techniques that build strength and energy to produce the results you desire. No exercise equipment is required.

A new way of thinking about and interacting with your food, and the techniques to help you control intake.

Self-control and mental focus techniques that help you master the urges that can hinder your weight loss progress.

Daily live online sessions and one-to-one mentoring in comfortable, compassionate, supportive environments, to promote self healing, self and group acceptance, as well as intellectual and spiritual growth.


Course Location:

Downtown (The Loop)
Chicago, Illinois

Live Online

Course Director:

W. Iamwe

Wrina Iamwe Ph.D. Theology - Biblical and Gnostic History and Decipherment
University: Ordination Institute

Ordained, Spiritual Counselor

NHRI Fellow - Research field:
Social and Environmental Causes and Effects of Obesity and Addiction
Systemic, Family, Educational, and Religious Influences

Teaching Fellows:

Rachel Denton
Stephon H. Jones
Nicole Sellers